The origin of Banana Skates

Banana Skates grows by the linkage of three pasions: Roller Derby, art and crafts.

Banana Skates was born out of a desire to connect three passions: roller derby, art and crafts.
Banana Kamikaze, the founder’s derby name, studied Fine Arts in Valencia, Spain, and from that moment onwards she has never been able to stop creating.
As a passionate seamstress, painter and designer, I have created a great variety of products, all very different from one another. And while I always knew that my professional future needed to be within the realm of the Arts and Crafts, I was never able to find that little something that made my eyes sparkle. Until suddenly, roller derby came to my life and it became my third passion.
So after seven years of handicrafts, six as a roller derby skater, and months and months of investigating, Banana Skates were born – the culmination of so much combined passion and creativity.
All of Banana Skates products are 100% hand-made. We work with the best shoemakers and artisans from Almansa (Albacete, Spain), a city known as one of the best leather shoe manufacturers in the world. You have free reign to choose within our large catalogue, allowing you to choose anything from a traditional style of boot, to a completely never-seen-before original design.
We know that roller your passion, too, and that boots represent you and your personality. And so that’s why we want to provide you with an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to designing your boots. This way, you can wear a pair of skates that speak for you in every bout.
A unique pair of boots, as unique as you.
Thanks for believing in Banana Skates, we hope you enjoy your experience.

Analía García aka Banana Kamikaze


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